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Feb. 4th, 2009

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Hillary Clinton offered David Miliband assurances yesterday that plans to re-engage with Iran would proceed one step at a time - and only after heeding concerns from Britain.

The US Secretary of State held talks with the Foreign Secretary, the first with any of her international counterparts, just hours after Iran claimed that it had launched a satellite into orbit using a rocket that the West fears is part of a long-term ballistic missile programme.

“We view Iran as a challenge,” Mrs Clinton said. “And it is one that is not directed solely at the United States, or even at our European allies, but, indeed, the larger region and the world. We are going to be working within the Administration to devise our approach to Iran, and working closely with Her Majesty's Government and the work that the Foreign Secretary and others have already done.”

The announcement of the Iranian satellite launch came a day before diplomats from the UN Permanent Security Council - Britain, the US, Russia, China and France - as well as Germany, are to meet near Frankfurt to review Iran's uranium-enrichment programme.The countries are due to discuss whether to punish Iran for its defiance with fresh sanctions.

The West believes that the programme and the development of ballistic missiles are part of an ambition to build a nuclear weapon that would threaten countries such as Israel. London and Washington voiced their alarm. Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said: “This action does not convince us that Iran is acting responsibly.”

Britain is among a number of countries who have voiced concerns that Mr Obama's proffered hand of friendship to Iran could undermine the united front built up against Tehran. Mr Miliband, however, said: “It is important that we allow the American Administration to have the time to finalise the details of its policy.”

Mrs Clinton emphasised her determination that America and Britain would continue to “stand side by side confronting global challenges”.

(from thetimesonline.co.uk)

Feb. 3rd, 2009


Swearing-in - Hillary's speech

Thank you all very much. Thank you. It is an overwhelming honor to be sworn in to assume this position on behalf of our country. I thank my dear friend, Vice President Biden, and I thank President Obama for investing the trust and confidence in me during a particularly challenging time in our nation’s history. I look out and see so many friends and colleagues. I particularly want to thank the Speaker and the Majority Leader, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid for being here and for providing the leadership that you both are doing in the Congress.
I also want to thank my colleagues in government and my former partners in the Congress. I am very grateful to all the members of the House who are here today, and particularly those with whom I served over eight wonderful years who represent New York. And I’m very grateful to all of you.
And to my friends in the Senate, I see the faces of people with whom I have shared so much, and I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you. But I have to single out the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee who, after all, presided over my confirmation, for which I am very grateful, Senator Kerry. (Laughter and Applause.) And I look forward to working with all of you, particularly the appropriators – (laughter) – who are here this afternoon. We have a lot of work to do and it is such important work that lies ahead. I also want to thank two wonderful friends of mine, governors, Governor Corzine from New Jersey, and Governor O’Malley from Maryland who are here. (Applause.)
And I am particularly honored to have four of my predecessors with us today. I have sought their advice and their counsel and I have to publicly thank each and every one of them. With us today, Secretary Kissinger and Secretary Baker and Secretary Eagleburger and, of course, my dear friend and fellow Wellesley alum Secretary Albright. (Applause.) And I also want to thank Secretary Rice and Secretary Powell and Secretary Shultz, with whom I had a wonderful visit just last week when he came to the seventh floor, and Secretary Haig – all of the former secretaries of state who have been so generous with their time. And I think I can predict I will be asking for advice as we move forward.
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Swearing in, again!

Hillary Sworn in again!

It is an overwhelming honor … to assume this position," Clinton said. "We have a lot of work to do (to ensure that) America's future can be even brighter than our storied past."

"In selecting Sen. Clinton for this critical task, I think the president selected a person of unrivaled talent and experience," Biden said. She is "equally at ease in the great diplomatic halls of Europe as she is in the small villages in Africa."

(In other news, I had this dream that I was Sec of State myself and Hillary was standing beside Obama and I and all I kept saying was "Why is your name not on the top Hillary?" Rofl.)

Jan. 30th, 2009


The same old story =(

It seems that these people are unwilling to leave her alone and let her just work for the best of this country. Want to throw something heavy at them right now =(((

A conservative watchdog group filed a lawsuit Thursday arguing that Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot legally serve as secretary of state, even though she was sworn in last week.
The suit is based on an obscure section of the Constitution on compensation for public officials, the emoluments clause. The clause says no member of Congress can be appointed to a government post if that job's pay was increased during the lawmaker's current term.
Clinton was serving in Congress when the secretary of state's salary was raised to its current level of $191,300. So that Clinton could take the post, Congress last month lowered the salary to $186,600, the level when she began her second Senate term. A similar tactic has been used so that several other members of Congress from both parties could serve in the Cabinet.
Judicial Watch, which has pursued several suits against Clinton and other officials over the years, argues there can be no exceptions to the clause.
The group says that Hillary Clinton is "constitutionally ineligible" to be secretary of state until 2013, when her second Senate term would expire. She resigned from the Senate to take the Cabinet post.
Judicial Watch filed the suit on behalf of State Department employee David Rodearmel. It says Rodearmel would violate the oath he took as a foreign service officer in 1991 to "support and defend" and "bear true faith and allegiance" to the Constitution by working for Clinton.
A State Department spokesman declined to respond to the case.

Jan. 28th, 2009


Remarks With Reporters in the Correspondents' Room

A full transcript and an official photo of Hillary as SoS

QUESTION: You know, what I think everybody is intrigued by is how this is all going to work, because you have a lot of very powerful personalities dealing with foreign policy, with diplomacy, et cetera – Biden, Gates, Jones and you, and the President.
SECRETARY CLINTON: And the President, of course.

QUESTION: Not to forget him. So how is it going to work? Some are saying tug of war –

SECRETARY CLINTON: Oh, no, no. I think we have already established a collegial, effective working relationship. Maybe it’s because the people you’ve just named – the Vice President, National Security Advisor, the Secretary of Defense, and I are committed to the same goal, and that is to ensure that the President’s policies are effectively carried out.
It is a tremendous honor to be the Secretary of State. But it is a great personal privilege to be the Secretary of State in this Administration, because the goals that have been set and the approach to the world is one that we know is in the best interests of our country going forward. And I’ve had that reinforced time and again with all of the phone calls that I’ve been making. There’s a great exhalation of breath going on around the world as people express their appreciation for the new direction that’s being set and the team that’s put together by the President to carry out our foreign policy goals.
And as I said when I came here last week, you know, we view defense, diplomacy, and development as the three pillars of American foreign policy. That’s not rhetoric. That is our commitment. That’s how we are proceeding. It was significant that the President and the Vice President came on my first day and their second day in office to reinforce that message. I had breakfast this morning with the Vice President, who is an old and dear friend. I was with the President yesterday at the White House, with Senator Mitchell as we had our, you know, pre-departure meeting. I don’t think that you can really conclude anything other than, this is a united effort. We have a lot of damage to repair, Jill.

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Jan. 24th, 2009


Daily Press Briefing Info

Robert Wood:
"If you like, I’d run down – I’ll run down some of the Secretary’s calls that she’s had over the last couple of days. Okay, let me start. Well, first we’ll start in the Middle East. She’s spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Israeli Foreign Minister Livni, Israeli Defense Minister Barak, Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit, the Jordanian King Abdullah, Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayyad, and Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faysal.
We’ll go over to Europe. She’s spoken with UK Foreign Secretary Miliband, French Foreign Minister Kouchner, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier, Czech Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg – the Czech Republic holds the EU presidency, as I think most of you know.
Let’s go to Asia. She’s spoken with Japanese Foreign Minister Nakasone, South Korean Foreign Minister Yu, Australian Foreign Minister Smith, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang. In South Asia, she’s spoken with President Karzai of Afghanistan, Pakistani President Zardari, and the Indian External Affairs Minister Mukherjee. And in the Western Hemisphere, she has spoken with Mexican Foreign Secretary Espinosa. And there will be other calls that she’s going to make. And some she hasn’t been able to make, and that’s been because of just scheduling. So we’ll try and report tomorrow on some of her other calls"
the full transcript is here:


Hillary R. Clinton Meets Afghan Women Lawyers

Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton met today at the State Department with fourteen prominent Afghan women judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. These jurists were in Washington to participate in a training program arranged by the Department’s Public-Private Partnership for Justice Reform in Afghanistan. Secretary Clinton told them: "Your American friends greatly admire your bravery and courage. It is your work in the tough environment of Afghanistan for women lawyers that will bring real reform and the rule of law to the Afghan people. As President Obama made clear yesterday in his first foreign policy announcement, we are committed to supporting your efforts to bring security and stability to your country."
Under the leadership of the former Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Dr. Kerry Healey, and United States District Judge Stephen G. Larson of the Central District of California, the women participated in two weeks of intensive legal seminars, roundtable events, and consultations with senior officials from the State of California and the U.S. government, including former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. The women explored current topics in the Afghan and American legal systems, legal decision-making and mediation, domestic violence, family and mental health, and narcotics law, while gaining hands-on exposure to the American judicial system.


HIllary's Address to the USAID Employees

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the staff of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Friday, Jan. 23, 2009, in Washington.

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"The Clintons don't forget"

"On Tuesday, Politico's Glenn Thrush reported about a little tête-à-tête between Hillary Clinton and John Cornyn in the Capitol. Cornyn, you'll recall, had just prevented a unanimous consent vote on Hillary's nomination and Thrush, who saw but did not hear the discussion, characterized the exchange as "heated," which Cornyn denied.

Well, one of our eagle-eyed sources spotted the same discussion and was able to get within earshot just in time to hear Clinton warn Cornyn, "The Clintons don't forget." One day later, Cornyn's objections to Clinton's confirmation magically disappeared and the man who had set the roll call vote in motion voted in favor of confirming Clinton. Now let's see how she handles Hamid Karzai".
- foreignpolicy.com

Wow - I hope this is true!
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"The Clintons don't forget"

I intend madamesecretary to be a place for news all things Madame Secretary of course. I hope that with your involvement we can make madamesecretary a place for discussion of Hillary's actions as Secretary Of State and new American Foreign Policy in general even, with a focus of course on our girl and how much she will be kicking ass in this job!

Post your thoughts, ideas, news items (major items or even random little pieces of information that don't make the mainstream media.)

- Mod :)