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February 2009

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sarrie5 in madamesecretary

Daily Press Briefing Info

Robert Wood:
"If you like, I’d run down – I’ll run down some of the Secretary’s calls that she’s had over the last couple of days. Okay, let me start. Well, first we’ll start in the Middle East. She’s spoken with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, Israeli Foreign Minister Livni, Israeli Defense Minister Barak, Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit, the Jordanian King Abdullah, Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayyad, and Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faysal.
We’ll go over to Europe. She’s spoken with UK Foreign Secretary Miliband, French Foreign Minister Kouchner, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier, Czech Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg – the Czech Republic holds the EU presidency, as I think most of you know.
Let’s go to Asia. She’s spoken with Japanese Foreign Minister Nakasone, South Korean Foreign Minister Yu, Australian Foreign Minister Smith, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang. In South Asia, she’s spoken with President Karzai of Afghanistan, Pakistani President Zardari, and the Indian External Affairs Minister Mukherjee. And in the Western Hemisphere, she has spoken with Mexican Foreign Secretary Espinosa. And there will be other calls that she’s going to make. And some she hasn’t been able to make, and that’s been because of just scheduling. So we’ll try and report tomorrow on some of her other calls"
the full transcript is here:


have to find ways to become Frank Walter Steinmeier's best friend^^
Would've killed to see her talking to Livni...that woman's a fireball.