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February 2009

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heartbeatfast in madamesecretary

Swearing in, again!

Hillary Sworn in again!

It is an overwhelming honor … to assume this position," Clinton said. "We have a lot of work to do (to ensure that) America's future can be even brighter than our storied past."

"In selecting Sen. Clinton for this critical task, I think the president selected a person of unrivaled talent and experience," Biden said. She is "equally at ease in the great diplomatic halls of Europe as she is in the small villages in Africa."

(In other news, I had this dream that I was Sec of State myself and Hillary was standing beside Obama and I and all I kept saying was "Why is your name not on the top Hillary?" Rofl.)


Haha, I often have dreams including Hillary too. The last one was last week, I think, and we were totally best friends. It was.... awesome.

Also, how bad did you LOVE Joe when he got up there and said "I'm Joe Biden, and I'm a Hillary Clinton fan." OMG, I died from all the love that exploded from me.
AH I KNOW. It was awesome! The whole thing was great. I loved when he called Bill "that fella to your left!" lol
Joe has been crushing on Hillary for a long time. Breakfast with her at his house again this morning. Question: Is Jill teaching this semester?
Look at Bill's face! He is so proud!