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madamesecretary's Journal

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton - Madam Secretary
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"I may not always have been a New Yorker, but I know, I will always be one"
- Hillary in her last remarks to the Senate as a Senator from New York.

"We'll face some obstacles along the way. But be of good cheer and be of strong heart, and do not grow weary, as we attempt to do good on behalf of our country and the world."
- Hillary in her first remarks to the State Department.

A place for news all things Madam Secretary of course. A place for discussion of Hillary's actions as Secretary Of State and new American Foreign Policy in general even, with a focus of course on Hillary and how much she will be kicking ass in this job!

Post your thoughts, ideas, news items (major items or even random little pieces of information that don't make the mainstream media.)